Mr. Grodrian is the Adjunct Professor of Trombone at Valparaiso University and has served on faculty at Summer Slides Summer Trombone Camp and the Merit School of Music Summer Trombone Camp. He has studied extensively with leaders in the trombone community such as Peter Ellefson and Susan K. Smith and attended the Alessi Seminar as an auditor. He has either attended masterclasses or studied privately with Joseph Alessi, Scott Hartman, Michael Mulcahy, Jorgen Van Rijen, Paul Welcomer, Jay Friedman, Carl Lenthe, M. Dee Stewart, Brad Edwards, Sim Flora, Jon Whitaker, and Tim Riordan.

Mr. Grodrian's pedagogy begins with an emphasis on "Song and Wind." Arnold Jacobs taught us that a strong musical message fixes many technical issues. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to break the system down by separating the basic fundamentals of tone production, slide technique, and articulation. Mr. Grodrian believes that by isolating the fundamentals in a musical way one can improve quickly and efficiently. Always music. All of the time.

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 First trombone lesson! Rhys Nelsen Sept. 2013 (used with permission by  Jeff  and  Nina Nelsen )

First trombone lesson! Rhys Nelsen Sept. 2013 (used with permission by Jeff and Nina Nelsen)